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Hero Hiralal Full Movie In Hindi 1080p Download

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7cb1d79195 Hyderabadi Hiralal, who is also referred to as 'Hero' due to his obsession with Bollywood movies, drives an auto-rickshaw and often gets into fisticuffs. Things change when he meets with actress, Roopa, shows her around, and falls head-over-heels in love with her - so much so - when the unit leaves, he drives all the way to Bombay to be close to her. It is here that he will come to know that she has no similar feelings for him - and he will be thrown into contact with beautiful and manipulative actress, Sitara Devi, who has new and different role for him - one that will change his life forever.
Obsessed with Hindi films; Hyderabadi Hero Hiralal drives an auto-rickshaw. When he meets Roopa a film actress - he shows her around only to fall in love with her. When she leaves he follows her all the way to Bombay in order to confide to her that he is in love with her only to learn that she has no similar feelings for him. He then attempts suicide but is rescue by Sitara Devi; an actress which changes his life forever.
This movie came in 1988 when I wasn&#39;t even born. A boring day. Nothing to do. Nothing to watch on TV. Then, while flipping the channels, suddenly something caught my attention. Naseeruddin Shah and a pretty lady spending time together at the Charminar. I found it interesting and decided to watch it. Glad I did!<br/><br/>Though I missed some parts of the movie on TV, I later did watch the parts I had missed online. Overall, the first half was excellent. The second half was typical Bollywood stuff although the decision of the hero to attempt suicide as an event was unusual. It wasn&#39;t as good as the first half, but was equally enjoyable. The song &quot;Sapnon Ki Duniya Hai&quot; was terrific in both the original and sad versions.<br/><br/>Naseeruddin Shah once again showed his prowess in the titular role. Sanjana Kapoor as a newcomer was also good. Wish more of her could be seen on screen.<br/><br/>All the other actors suited the supporting roles. Amitabh Bachchan was endearing in his guest role. One of the best movies I have ever seen! Highly Recommended!!
Little flavor of 80s (long skirts and no obnoxious dresses), Good music, Naseeruddin Shah at his best as usual, and add a new face on top of that. That&#39;s Hero Hiralal for you. People said that it was an inconsequential movie. May be so. What could we expect at the time when Govinda, Anil Kapoor, and other actors were churning out non-sense in the late 80s. Hero Hiralal was a breath of freshness, which was obviously not meant for the masses, however, it may have seemed so. All shots that focused Naseer and Sanjana together were superb in terms of photography, facial focus and dialogues. True that Sanjana couldn&#39;t speak Hindi without an accent. What do you expect from an Anglo-Indian girl? But ironically, I still find hers better than the accent of some of today&#39;s actresses who speak Hindi like they were born and raised somewhere in Midwest USA.<br/><br/>I found Sanjana quite charming (much more beautiful than her nieces Karishma and Kareena). Sapno Ki Duniya (slow version) was a terrific song, obviously lost due to movie&#39;s commercial failure. Saeed Jafri, Satish Shah and Mr. Yogi fame actor were good in supporting roles. Deepa Mehta was OK and others merely filled in. This is a movie with no frills, no beach dances, no non-sense. A simple and pure means of entertainment meant for the whole family. <br/><br/>It&#39;s unfortunate that Sanjana&#39;s career didn&#39;t click in Bollywood. May be it was her accent or may be it was her timing. Or may be she was just meant for Prithvi Theater. A great movie. Watch it at least once and then decide. By the way, finally the DVD is out for this movie. At least someone recognized the movie!

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