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Torchy Runs For Mayor Full Movie Hd Download

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a5c7b9f00b "Star' reporter Torchy Blane is on a mission to expose local crime boss 'Doc' Dolan and his corrupt puppet mayor. Working with a petty thief, she bugs the mayor's office and discovers the existence of Dolan's "little red book" of payoffs and bribes. This information helps her to break into Dolan's house and find the book. Unfortunately Dolan's syndicate is able to pull advertising from "The Star," and coerce them into not printing the story. A frustrated Torchy is turned down by every other paper in town with the exception of principled editor Hubert Ward. The resultant publicity forces a recall election with Ward standing against the corrupt administration. However, after Dolan murders him, the only one willing to run in his place is Torchy.
Torchy conducts a one woman campaign against a corrupt mayor and crime boss, and when the reform candidate is murdered, she takes up the banner.
Torchy Runs for Mayor (1939) <br/><br/>** 1/2 (out of 4)<br/><br/>The eighth film in the Warner series turned out to be Glenda Farrell's lastshe would walk away from the series after appearing in seven of the films. This time out she's trying to bring down a group of racketeers and dirty politicians but to do so she must put herself in danger by trying to run against them for the Mayor office. TORCHY RUNS FOR MAYOR isn't going to win any awards but there's enough going in it to make it worth watching for fans of the series. The story itself is pretty much your typical "B" plot that you could find in dozens of Warner pictures. We've got the dirty gangster who is using money to get into politics. You've got the cops and newspaper editors who are too scared to stand up against them. You then have the hero who will stop at nothing to bring them down. I do wonder why the gangsters would kill anyone who got in their way yet they seem to let Torchy do pretty much anything instead of just knocking her off. Farrell is in pretty good form hereshe once again has no problem slipping into the role. The screenplay actually doesn't give her too much to do and there's a good portion of the film where she doesn't appear at all. Both Barton MacLane and Tom Kennedy are good in their parts but they too really aren't given anything special to do. Director Ray McCarey at least keeps the 60-minute running time moving at a fast pace and there's certainly nothing harmful here.
Reporter Torchy Blane denounces City Hall corruption in a series of scathing newspaper stories that are raising some serious hackles. Her fiancé, Lieutenant Steve McBride, even goes to her editor and begs him to have somebody else write the stories—he's worried about Torchy's safety. <br/><br/>And Steve doesn't even know about Torchy's eavesdropping operation in the City Hall basement, from which she listens in on the mayor's office, where local crime boss Dr. Dolan gives the puppet mayor his orders. <br/><br/>Glenda Farrell is back once againthe intrepid reporter who loves to investigate. Barton McLaneSteve is plenty solid this time around—he's still generally a step behind Torchy but isn'tmuch of a duncein a couple of earlier series entries. ("Listen, Steve," Torchy tells him at one point, "I know more about this case than you." "Well," he replies, unimpressed, "if you do I'll find it out.")<br/><br/>John Miljan is appropriately sinisterthe wicked Dr. Dolan. In true Warner Brothers style, he talks so fast when he's excited that you can hardly understand him.<br/><br/>Tom Kennedy returnsGahagan, the poetry-loving police chauffeur who loves to blow the police car siren. Even Gahagan is fairly serious and competent this time around, though he does offer a few choice bits of comic relief (like when he commends Torchy for having such "international fortitude"). <br/><br/>An exciting climax helps distinguish thisone of the better Torchy Blane pictures. The plot is a little ridiculous (see the title) but that's kind of beside the point—it's witty, acted with enthusiasm, and moves at a terrific pace.

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